Sunday, February 04, 2007

Holiday Party

Mattie and I attended the annual BbH holiday party. This is the fifth year I have attended the holiday party. I had a really good time, considering that I am 32 weeks pregnant. Rachel and Dan did a really good job of planning and everyone made tasty food. I had three kinds of chicken!
Tasha was my secret santa and she bought me yarn! I have three new skeins of Kureyon for Lizard Ridge. Also, in the package was a special surprise from Rachel at Knitorious. Thanks Rachel. I should be back this week for Knit Night.
The baby kicked all thru karaoke (I treat it as a spectator sport) and I especially enjoyed Africa Jacket and Monica's Mariah impersonation.
Mattie, however had a few too many shots and isn't feeling the best right now.
I'm wondering if I would be a lousy person if I decide to make him sleep on the couch tonight. He snores something awful when he's drunk.

P.S. Thank you to everyone who commented and sent me emails and called me with condolences about Louis. You are all so kind. Annie O. put it best. He was a stellar individual.



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