Wednesday, January 31, 2007

What have I become?

All I ever do anymore is visit the doctor. Seriously. I had four Doctor's appointments last week and I have three this week and three next week.
Before last September I went to the Gyno once a year and that was about all I had time or inclination for. Now it seems like I have to spend every waking moment in an office, filling out paperwork and getting poked or prodded.
Now, don't get me wrong, it's not all that bad. I feel comfortable with all of the physicians I've been seeing. They are all kind, sympathetic, helpful folk. I'm just sick of spending all my time in their offices.
I go to the Chiropractor once a week now, and I truly look forward to that. Dr. Johnson has helped me immensely with every stupid little twist and twinge that pregnancy has thrown my way. I always feel better after an adjustment, and I like that he offers homeopathic alternatives and Chinese herbs. I've been seeing an opthamologist for the eye problems (still there, getting better slowly) and I went to the ear, nose and throat gal last week too. I'm going to the OB on Friday.
I guess the thing that really irks me right now is that I cannot drive anywhere. I'm still not up to snuff with the whole vision thing, so my poor mother and poor husband have been carting me all over the metro area to various appointments. I know they don't mind, and I thank them profusely every time I get in the car with either of them, but I am beginning to feel as if my illnesses, injuries and state of pregnancy are starting to infringe on their personal enjoyment of life. I'm sure that chauffeuring a blind, cranky, stuffy-nosed, hugely pregnant woman around St. Louis was not really on either of their "top-ten ways to spend an afternoon" lists. Not to mention the whole picking up of prescriptions and side trips to the health food store for homeopathic eye drops, which somehow end up rounding out the day.
I feel like I spend all my time in and out of medical buildings and I don't have any time to do anything even halfway fun. Not that I could afford it, I'm so broke from taking off work. I spent every cent I made last week on co-pays and drugs.
Okay. Enough. The pity party is over. No more venting. I will be fine.



Blogger aaronmaye said...

You are precious cargo to all your chauffeurs, dearie!

11:11 AM  

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