Wednesday, March 28, 2007


I have been doing something kind of stupid. I've been shopping online. I haven't bought anything, I've just been looking at stuff. Unfortunately, it is mostly stuff I can't afford, no matter how much I want it or need it. Take for instance, these shoes;

and these ones too:

I want these shoes. They are cute, inexpensive and totally something I would buy if I had money. There's the problem.
I haven't worked all month, because my doctor said the Sprout would come early, so I have no money. Matt has worked a whole bunch, to make up for the fact that I am not working, and to pay all the bills. I would feel really selfish asking him for money to buy cute shoes.
I want cute shoes right now because all my clothes are old, ratty maternity things that I have been wearing for the past six months. All the cute, non-ratty maternity things don't fit anymore. But shoes, shoes will fit! Shoes will make me feel like a new woman. Shoes will make me feel like I have retained some modicum of personality in light of becoming a waddling pregnant mess.
I know that soon I will have a new baby and shoes will once again become slightly less important. I know that I will go back to work at some point and be able to purchase my own shoes. I just feel lousy right now because I can barely justify spending money on a weekly visit to the chiropractor, let alone on things to adorn my feet.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I too am a shoe hog and can not, nor will not leave a pair of shoes in the store if they speak,to me even if I have just recently bought some. I also know the responsability of the children, having had Cody.

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