Friday, March 16, 2007

Three Centimeters!

Note: this post was supposed to go up yesterday, but due to problems with blogger I just got it fixed and up now. sorry for the delay.

Yep, I'm three centimeters dilated. My OB doesn't seemed too concerned, which baffles me. I mean, this is the man who told me at the begining of the month that he didn't think this baby would go full term. He said Sprout would probably be here between the 12th and the 24th. When I went in this morning for my check up he informed me of the advances in dilation and then told me HE'S GOING TROUT FISHING THIS WEEKEND! I'm sorry, WHAT? Who does he think he is, Richard Brautigan? This kid could (as Casey loves to put it) fall out at any minute, and my OB has decided to go trout fishing. I'm a bit peeved.
I guess I'll just have to hold out until he gets back on Monday. Which will work. Kate gets to town on Monday, so I would have had to wait for her anyway.
Maybe I'll just have the baby tomorrow or Saturday morning. That will work. Doc's not leaving til Saturday afternoon. Oh wait, I forgot, I'm not in control here, the Sprout is. What was I thinking?
So, you want some knitting progress. I can deliver that at least.
Here's block #10 on Lizard Ridge. I finished it on tuesday and decided to take a short break from the blanket.

I've come to terms with the fact that this blanket will not be finished before the Sprout is born. I still have 15 blocks to make. I am okay with this.
To break the monotony of multi-colored backand forth short row blanket blocks, I decided to make a pair of socks.

The yarn is Socks That Rock: Highway 30, courtesy of Annie. I love this yarn! I'm almost done with the first one and looking forward to #2. If I have any leftovers (I usually do) I will make a pair of matching ones for the Sprout. Mattie thinks this is an excellent idea, and has already planned how he will photograph our feet on matching socks.


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