Sunday, March 18, 2007

We are now at 38 weeks

Thank you to everyone for the encouraging words and supportive comments. It helps.
Okay, I had breakfast at Soda Fountain Square with Toni and Alan today, then Alan and I went back to the house and played Katamari Damacy for a while. I love that game. Alan loves the part where the winner of the round gets to drop bottlecaps on the loser's head.
I attended the ARRG board meeting and left with my derby bag literally and figuratively empty. I am very confident that everything will be taken care of while I am out of commission. Now I just need to have the actual baby so I can get on with my life.
My sister has informed me that she will be coming to town next weekend for three days. I am so happy that Annie will be here, I almost don't care if the kid comes before or after her visit.
Kate will be arriving tomorrow night. I really feel like everything is falling into place.
I am almost finished with the Socks That Rock socks for me and plan to start immediately on the baby version as soon as they are done. I will put up pictures of the socks tomorrow.
Okay. I will now attempt, once again, to sleep.
Et, voila! For your derby enjoyment, the ARRG Season 2 Schedule!

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