Wednesday, March 07, 2007

I have been neglectful.

But that all will change now. I am officially on maternity leave! I have tons to do still, but at least now I have a bit more time to do it in. I feel like I have replaced working with going to the doctor. I was working four days a week, now I am at various appointments four days a week. In short, I have more time to blog. So starting today, I resolve to make a concerted effort to post every day until the Sprout arrives. You charming readers are going to be bored out of your heads by my mindless prattle, I promise.
So without further ado, let's get caught up, shall we?

My mother (left) and her sweet friends Beth (center), Chris (right) and Marbie (not pictured), threw me an absolutely georgous baby shower on the 24th.
It was at Chris's house, which is just the most beautiful Victorian rehab in the Shaw neighborhood. I hadn't been there since I was a kid and let me tell you, this woman has done an amazing job. I would kill for her kitchen. They spent so much time on the decorations and the food, everything was beautiful and delicious! Here's a peek at the desert display. I ate most of that. Heh.

And what's a party without fancy out-of-town guests? That's right folks, the amazing and talented Kiki was in town for the weekend from NOLA and graced us with her pressence, (she graced Sprout with an awesome set of crocheted Wizard of Oz finger puppets.) and for once actually let me take her picture without making a snarky face. You may also notice the elusive Annie Buckles in the background there, she too came to town for the weekend and brought her future niece or nephew a bunch of beautiful, thoughtful gifts. It's gonna be no contest, Princess Anne will be one of this baby's favorite people. She did bring Penny the Peanut with her, but I was unable to photograph Little Miss Pugsalot due to my father's utter and total hogging of the dog. Daddy loves him some Penny.
All in all, it was a wonderful shower, the Sprout and I were spoiled beyond belief, and I was once again reminded that my mother has the best girlfriends anyone could hope for.

On the 5th, Melicious of the Texas Rollergirls came to St. Louis to sign her new book Rollergirl and ARRG was in attendance! The Hel-Kat was my date for this event and she had a blast. Melicious was so sweet to her, answering all of her questions and posing for pictures with her after signing her copy of the book. I truly believe the Hel-Kat was star struck. Not only did she get to meet a famous out-of-town rollergirl, but she got to sit next to Miss Lippy during the signing. She wasted no time getting down to business.

She started reading while waiting for her mom to come pick her up!

The rollergirls threw me a really fun shower on the Saturday the 3rd. We conviened at Cid's house for treats and pressent opening. This little Sprout now has an amazing wardrobe, complete with tons of cool socks. I got so many beautiful gifts, I'm going to be writing thank you notes until my fingers fall off. I didn't take any pictures. I was too overwhelmed by the generosity of the women in the league.
On Sunday I worked my last shift at Duff's. I said "goodbye til May" to my regulars, ate some banana pancakes and promised to bring the Sprout in as soon as s/he gets here. I went home and got ready for the First Annual ARRG Awards Banquet at the Venice Cafe. We had a good time, everyone got all gussied up and brought all kinds of great food. Pictures? Sure, I got pictures! Some of them are slightly inappropriate for this blog, so I will just post the cute ones and leave the drunken Rollergirl shots for our private photo collections. Don't want to slander anyone.
As you can see, we all were dressed to the nines and having a great time. Polly Lop made one of here famous ice cream cakes
which didn't even have time to melt because it was scarfed so quickly.

Many awards were handed out and drinking and dancing continued to the wee hours. You should have seen Grave Danger slinking around in that dress she had on, it was like she was an entirely different person. A scary, super sexy, vampy person. Magnum actually lost the power of speach when she said "Hi" to him.

This week hasn't been very blogworthy, I've mostly been washing and putting away baby clothes

that sprout got from the showers. I have knitting group tonight and I am going to post pictures of Lizard Ridge's progress tomorrow morning. I should have two new blocks to show you by then. Whee! Okay, enough for now. Back to writing thank you notes and folding baby blankets.

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Blogger Lucinda said...

Looks like a couple of fabulous parties! "washing and putting away baby clothes" is a very necessary thing to get done, & once Sprout arrives, you'll be happy to have that already done, believe me.

10:22 PM  

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