Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Bait and switch

Well, not really. Matt and I went out today to Metro lighting to look at ceiling fans. The one in our kitchen is falling apart and we decided to start looking for a new one now instead of waiting for the one we have to fall on my head while I'm cooking. We saw several things that we liked, but we weren't crazy about any of them. On the way out we decided to stop at World Market to check out their sale. We walked in and saw this. We've been eyeing this set for about five years. We loved it, but didn't love the price enough to justify buying a dining room set when we didn't have a dining room yet. We are a bit closer to having a dining room, and now we have the furniture to inspire us to work faster.
I am aware that we will have to go back to Metro Lighting to find the perfect above-the-dining-room-table-but-not-a-chandelier light fixture now that we have the perfect table and chairs.


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