Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Just for fun

Saturday we went to Soulard with cousins after we had pancakes with the activists at Black Bear Bakery. We had many tasty breakfast items, were invited to a protest, and met a crocheter with a love of Noro yarns.
That was the highlight of our week. I'm making bean soup in my crock pot and mapping out a plan for my garden. I'm finishing a late Xmas present and dealing with a toddler who thinks he's outgrown his afternoon nap. It could be worse.
Toni got a call this morning from her daughter's teacher because some little girl put glue in said daughter's hair. J.J. is dealing with a toddler and a possibly colicky newborn. I am counting lucky stars and going to give J.J. a call today. See if I can offer any suggestions with the colic. Toni's on her own though, I don't know how to get glue out of hair.


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