Wednesday, February 23, 2005

photo problems

Well, I'm having a hard time getting the photos from the digital camera to load onto flickr. All you kiddies out there in blogland are just gonna have to be satisfied with the pics from the camera phone. Sorry. Kate and Chris and I had breakfast and then scheduled our next two weeks. Let me tell you folks, fun is in my future. Tomorrow we're going to Alcatraz. We are going to stroll around the mission later today, and I'm going to ship some stuff home. Nice, relaxing afternoon activities. Maybe I'll get drunk tonight. Maybe I'll go to the Anchor Brewery, just to make Matt jealous. I'll keep y'all updated. Shoutout to Diana: I miss you too, chicken. More food pictures soon!


Blogger scuppy_98 said...

hello Best Sister-in-law EVER!!! I hope you have fun. I am giving you a photo scavanger hunt list. a neck tattoo while at the beach, someone that looks like someone famous, a person whos wearing blue swade shoes, a person that resembles one of Matts personalities:) and an urban cowoy. Have fun:) also if you have the cash, please pick me up "city" shot glasses to add to my collection, ill pay you back when you get home:)

9:51 PM  

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