Friday, April 15, 2005

domestic day

I spent my morning with Naomi. She ate lunch and took a nap. Amy had a short shift today, so that was pretty much the extent of our time together. She's a ton of fun when she's awake.
This afternoon I cleaned the house, kinda half-assedly. I vacuumed, did dishes, scrubbed out the tub. The tub needed it. It was filthy.
I started to do some laundry, changed the sheets, put away the featherbed for the summer. I straightened up a bit, then I wasted several hours online looking at new iBooks that I cannot afford. I want one so bad, but the government took all the money I had been saving to buy one. I hate tax time.
Kate showed up drunk and loud at about 11:00 with Sam Coffee and Winestro in tow. we went to the Real Bar where Matt was putting in an appearence as a guest bartender for the new owners. Bill was there, which was nice since I haven't seen him in ages. I wish I had more time with Kate. I know I will, but it sucks that she's been here for a week and I've spent about ninety minutes total with her.
There is a possibility of a picnic with Jill & Co. tomorrow. It's supposed to be gorgeous out, so I'm thinking sushi take-out in the park. Miles can run around and expend some energy. Jill, Jasper and I can stuff our faces.
My birthday is fast approaching. I don't know why everybody gets so worked up about being thirty. I'm not even thinking about it. I'm just excited that Matt is going to buy me a new windshield for my car, cause mine is hell of cracked. Woot. Most romantic birthday gift ever.


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