Monday, July 11, 2005

not a total wash

We got rained out. Matt and I drove down to Franklin Floats last night. We set up the tent, ate some tofu hot dogs and s'mores, drank a few beers and went to sleep, anticipating a great float in the morning. I woke up about 7:30 to a soft rain drizzling on the roof of the tent. We got up and started to get ready to float anyway, figuring the rain would stop shortly. I had checked the weather online before leaving. The weather people said no rain until Monday evening. The weather people obviously did not take hurricane Dennis into account. The effects are being felt all the way up in southern Missouri folks, I was there. As the morning wore on with no signs of rain abatement, Bob Franklin, The Man Himself, came down to the campsite to thank us for the growlers of Schlafly Bill brought him, and to let us know that HIS weather people were predicting severe thunderstorms and we would not be able to float today. Then it started to pour. We packed a disgruntled Hazel into the car with all of our (very wet) gear and headed home. Oh well, maybe next time.
post script: I got stung by a wasp this morning. I haven't been stung by anything in about twenty years. Matt was much more freaked out that I was. I mean, it hurt, but not too much. I got stung on the top of my foot. Apparently almost EVERYONE Matt knows is allergic to stings and has to be hospitalized for months at a time after being stung. I am an amazingly strong, resiliant person for just slapping some ice on it and getting on with my life. Conclusion: everyone my husband hangs out with are frail individuals or really big babies.
post post script: I know some people really are deathly allergic to stings. I am in no way belittling them, rather I am making fun of Matt's over-reactions. Please do not send me hate e-mail saying I am insensitive to the allergies of others.


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