Thursday, August 18, 2005

stripped woodwork

stripped woodwork
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this is what I did today. the ugly maroon paint is becoming a thing of the past. katie clancy helped me peel long sticky layers of forty+ year old paint off my beautiful second floor woodwork. i ache all over from sitting and standing at wierd angles and from hauling plaster we removed from the bathroom down the stairs. i am too tired to even capitalize. i think i'll get up tomorrow morning and do it again. we signed the paperwork for the refinance tonight and the check is coming next week. i have been inspired lately, mostly by the good weather, to get a lot of work done on the house. the fact that i will soon be able to afford the bigger projects is helping me tackle the small ongoing ones with more energy. for instance, i know i'll soon be able to hang the drywall on the ceiling of the middle bedroom (pictured above) so stripping the front room doorframe doesn't seem as daunting a project as it did last week. it really helps that it is no longer 112 degrees on the second floor also. balmy weather for tomorrow, more naked woodwork coming soon.


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