Thursday, October 06, 2005

Louis using the toilet?

Louis using the toilet?
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He's really getting wiser in his old age. I walked by the bathroom this evening and there he was.
Seriously folks, the trip to Chicago is tomorrow and all plans are set.
1. Annie will pick me up tomorrow evening, we'll grab a bite and make signs to wave at Julie as she runs by.
2. Saturday, maybe a bit of shopping. I hope they still hold stuff for me at Chicago Comics.
3. Sunday is the marathon (Go Julie Go!) and roller derby finals; Gabe, Kate, Launa and Gabe's New Girlfriend will be going with me. A victory dinner for Julie will follow, and then maybe a bit of libationitory (yes I just made that word up) celebration. Mmm... alliteration.
4. Monday I'll hang out with the family, and
5. Tuesday I'm coming back home. Whee!
Look for posts and pictures from Chicago. I need to check the weather channel, I think Chicago might be cold this time of year.
Today I had coffee with Mom, Toni, Kate and Aunt Patti. Mom gave Patti and l the shirts she made for the race. I got all my errands done today, except for the recycling, but I'll do that tomorrow. I'm so ready to go I can't wait! I'm going to finish watching Degrassi Junior High and hit the sack kinda early.


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