Saturday, September 24, 2005

Ah, the lovely couple!

Ah, the lovely couple!
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April and Ryan's wedding was lovely, and quite fun too. April looked smashing in her dress, and she was wearing heels, which I have never seen her do before and I must say she pulled it off without a hitch, more than I can say for myself. I think their ceremony was even shorter than ours. Matt and I sat at table 19, with therest of the bad kids (Jared, Drew, Ashley, Jay and Jessica) and we laughed and drank and ate and had an all around good time. After dinner there was much dancing, and James gave a toast in which he likended the Bride and Groom to Chocolate and Peanut Butter, sweet and a little messy and smooth and spreadable? Cute.
We danced, took pictures and slipped off into the night, very happy for our friends, and a little bit jealous, because they are leaving in the morning for a week in London. Jerks.


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