Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Why yes, I have seen Serenity!

Twice now. I went on Sunday night, even though I was still feeling sick and again last night. I do believe it is the best movie of the year. Granted, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire isn't due out until November (saw the trailer twice) and Howl's Moving Castle was awesome, my vote still goes to Serenity.
I went shopping today, I bought a new bag with a padded laptop pocket, so the iBook will stay safe on my travels. I'm getting all set for the Chicago trip this weekend. Annie is going to pick me up at Midway on Friday night and we will party til Mom and Dad show up on Saturday with the husband, then the whole crew will go to cheer on Julie as she runs her little heart out in the Marathon. Yay Julie!
As I am typing this, there are four sweaty men in my backyard trimming the trees. I feel bad for cutting down the Atlantis Tree, but its roots were encroaching on our foundation and the risk of permanent damage was too high, so we had to take it out. I would like to plant a Japanese Maple in its place, only slightly furter from the house this time.
The dogs have been sitting at the backdoor looking very concerned and slightly confused by the goings-on. My vegetable garden has been completely smashed, although the guys did have the decency to pick all the peppers that were big enough and place them on the porch.
I'll put up pictures tonight when they have finished. That's all for now.


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