Friday, October 14, 2005

Roller Derby Baby, it's the future!

And the future is here! I've been doing a lot of research and recruiting and I have about 15 ladies who are very interested. Here's the email I sent out:
Okay Ladies,
You've heard me babbling about starting a Roller Derby League here in St. Louis for some time now, but I've finally decided to get serious about it! Last weekend I went to Chicago to watch the Windy City Rollers League Semi-Finals. It was awesome and I have just one thing to say: We can do this!
St. Louis used to be very big in the Roller Derby world. I've been doing research. Roller Derby is coming back, just like St. Louis, and we need to put our city on the map.
Right now we're in the planning stage and I'm trying to get together a list of women who are interested. The way I figure, we need a minimum of forty women to form a league consisting of four teams. We also need coaches for physical training, referees, score keepers, sponsors, spaces to practice and train, a website designer... the list goes on, but I'm getting
ahead of myself. Basically, I'm just working on a list of interested women right now. Once I have about forty replies, we can get to work on having a meeting to discuss everything else.
Here's the deal: if you would like to prove your badassedness to the entire metro area, let me know via
e-mail to

I'll send a reply to let you know when I get a response and I'll keep in touch. Also, check out for pictures and info about the Chicago league.
Thanks for your time girls, and I hope to hear from you all in the near future.
Sarah Kate

so far I'm still in the planning stage, but everyone I've talked to is pumped, and that makes me happy.


Blogger Wayne Hurlbert said...

All my best on your new roller derby league venture. St. Louis has a long history of supporting the sport.

7:20 PM  

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