Monday, October 10, 2005

missing blog entries

I just realized that the last two posts I wrote haven't appeared in the blog. I hope this is an anomally, due to strange wifi. I am confused by it, the blog said they went thru when I typed them.
Quick recap of the Chicago trip:
Friday: Quick painless flight. Dinner at el Presidente with Annie. Sleep.
Saturday: Eggs Florentine at the Bloomingdale's Restaurant. Shopping with Patti, Julie and Annie. Dinner at Maggianos. Sleep.
Sunday: SPORTS CENTRAL. Marathon in the morning, Julie's time was 3:47. 26 minutes faster than last year! My cousin is tough as nails! Walking about six miles, big feat for my lazy butt. Roller Derby at night with Kate, Beth Launa, Gabe, Sara and Gretchen. I am now officially obsessed with Roller Derby. More on that later. Sleep.
Monday: Lunch with Mom, Dad and Annie. Shopping by myself at Chicago Comics, several bookstores. Window shopping for shoes. Hanging out at the hotel with my folks. Blogging.
I'm leaving tomorrow at 11:10. Gonna call my charming husband now.


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