Friday, November 04, 2005

Anna and Knitting

Spent today with Anna, the eldest daughter of a friend. She was off school so we hung out, drove Matt to work and had lunch. I did a bit of Christmas knitting and then I listened to Toni on the radio. It seems the March of Dimes is having some sort of fundraiser for the hospital where Alan was born and they interviewed Toni on the air about her experiences. She was smart and eloquent and didn't swear at all or say "um" too many times. Alan did a little plug for the radio station "The Bull Rocks!" and um, whatever, no they don't, cause Anna and I sat through half an hour of bad "new country" just to hear Toni, but it was for a good cause. Next time Tone, get KDHX to sponsor the pledge-athon, and arrange to be interviewed by Denny Clancy on Blursday. THAT would be classic listening enjoyment. I worked tonight, hosting for dollars and got to hang out with Steve. Unfortunatly D. had some crazy-assed couple who had her tearing her hair out and I had to bite my tongue and apologize to them for something that was truly their fault, their stupidity, their bullheadedness, but at least I got them to tip her. Urg. Some people should just never leave the house. Sunday is the big roller derby meet-up and I'm not finished with the handouts. I have all of tomorrow night to finish, but I think I'll be having a highschool flashback and spend the night at Kinkos, battling errant gluesticks and wrestling with copy machines. Ah, I love the smell of toner in the early morning.


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