Friday, October 28, 2005

Thursday night

Kate's pal Eldon rolled into town toniught and we fed him and then dragged him down to the cabin at the city museum. He's only going to be in town tonight and we had to show him the city museum, because it is the best place around. Monstrocity was open so we forked over our ducats and climbed around in the joy that is that whole hunk of steel for an hour. Then we sat around the fire pit and drank beer and toasted marshmallows and chatted. Unfortunatley, the camera has run out of batteries and I cannot upload the awesome pictures I got while I was suspended three stories above the ground encased in a cage, and hanging from the wing of an airplane. I have to go to sleep now, because I promised Glenna I would take her to the airport tomorrow so she can fly to L.A. for a weekend with her girls. Quick note: never jump feet first into the ball pit. You might jam your finger and then you'll be miserable like Kate.


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