Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Rainbow dishes for an autumn day.

Why I Like Color In My Life
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I had coffee with mom and Toni at the bread house. We saw Maggie, her folks and little Robertson. We saw Joe, who was quite sleepy before coffee. We talked for a long time. I let Kate sleep in after her exciting night of getting drunk at a birthday party for a bookstore. She had to work anyway, and we would have made her late. Jill didn't come, but I'm guessing she just didn't leave herself enough time in the morning.
I made about 100 copies of the roller derby flyer at kinko's and will set out to distribute them this afternoon.
I took this picture of my dishes when I got back to the house this afternoon because I am acutely aware of the waning warm weather, and although I am enjoying the reds and yellows of a St. Louis autumn, I know the steel greys and dirty whites of winter are just on the back burner, waiting to sneak up on me. I think the reason I cram so much color into my surroundings is so that I can survive each desolate expanse of grey that is the city under snow. Since I've taken up knitting, this has become eaiser. I tend to choose yarns with amazing, eye-crossingly bright colorways and just focus on those all winter long.
Roller Derby update: skating practic starts tonight. I'm almost positive that only Kate, Launa and I will show up, but we are all meeting at Rollercade tonight at 7pm to fall on our assets, I mean practice skating. I haven't been on wheels in years, so this should be interesting. I'll bring the camera.


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