Monday, November 07, 2005

Arch Rival Rollergirls first meeting!

Sunday night was the big roller derby meet-up at Duff's. I felt nervous and disorganized, but it went well. We had about 37 girls and a few guys show up. I made some shoddy handouts, shoddy because Kinko's on Grand closes at 5pm on Sundays, but everyone seemed happy with them anyway. I got a bunch of new names for my listserv and we formed some commitees to get stuff done. We have a t-shirt commitee, which is connected to the publicity commitee, which is connected to the fundraising commitee which is connected to the sponsorship commitee, you get the picture. Mom came and was very supportive, Just seeing her smiling from the back of the room really helped me get through the whole public speaking part of it all. Steve of Royale and Panda boxing fame came too. He had an absolutley brilliant idea. He's throwing another Hoosierweight boxing match this spring during Mardi Gras and he wants us to have an exhibition bout at the match. This will help durm up an audience for us and it will be so much fun! Clara spontaneously catered the meeting by showing up with a steam tray of pasta salad when she got off work at Mangia, Drew did a great job keeping everyone in libations for the meeting without hovering, Karen rocks for letting us have the meeting there, Aaron Maye was so sweet for making the copies for me, and Kate is the best houseboy ever. I owe a debt of gratitude to Carrie, aka Penny Royalty, from the Hell's Belles for all the support and advice she's given me. This league is taking off and my dream of roller derby in St. Louis is coming true! Skating practice is again tonight and I am so excited to get out there and roll I can hardly sit still.


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