Friday, January 27, 2006

Friday Nights at BBh are back!

We were so insanly busy tonight. Maggie and I pulled the Host shift off with few hitches. It seemed like every jerk in the metro area came in for dinner though. All night long it was a parade of crabby, rude, impossible to please people. One of Diana's tables got up and moved TO THE OTHER SIDE OF THE RESTAURANT without telling her because the room they were in was "too crowded." What kind of idiot does that? Seriously, you'd think none of these people had ever been out to eat before. The staff kept it together and the kitchen rocked. No one had to wait an inordinant amount of time for food or table service, and we all got out of there at a reasonable hour. It's good to be busy again. BBh runs best when teetering on the brink of chaos, so I'm glad when we're slammed. I'm gonna hit the sack, I've got work and a ton of other stuff to do tomorrow.


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