Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Self-Portrait Tuesdays: Practicing my Derby Face

when I see you snarl
Originally uploaded by sarahkate.
I am on the mend! I went out and ran my errands, I drove myself, I was a productive member of society. I only have two days of antibiotics left and the swelling in my lymphnodes has gone down. I feel great!
Now, I really want to go to practice tonight and skate my ass off to make up for the fact that I haven't been on wheels in almost two weeks, but I'm not going to.
I'm gonna listen to my Dad, and take it easy.
I talked to Dad a couple of days ago and I think I was a bit snarky with him. See, Dad always tells me, when I'm getting worked up about anything "Now, take it easy Sarah." (Dad is one of the only people in the world who doesn't call me Sarah Kate or Skate. I like this from Dad.) So I'm on the phone, telling him about what was wrong with me and what the doctor said, blah blah. He tells me to take it easy. I get snarky. I tell him that I'm an adult and I don't go out all night drinking and partying anymore and I don't need him to lecture me. Then I hear myself. I sound like a defensive fourteen-year-old. Why am I being snarky to Daddy? Dad knows how old I am. He was there when I was born. He knows I don't go out all night. He is sincerely concerned about my health. He just says "take it easy" because that's what he says.
So I'm gonna listen to him, and take it easy. I'll still go to practice, but I'm not going to skate tonight. I'll stretch, and hang out and answer questions and take notes, but when it comes to the skating and physical exertion part, I'm going to take it easy.


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