Tuesday, May 02, 2006

My mother, the helmet panty model.

The package from Sin City Skates finally arrived, only four days late! Thankfully, Carrie-ocity whipped up some last-minute helmet panties for the demo bout, so it wasn't a huge deal, still, I would have liked to have had them for the demo. Mom helped me model them in the hallway.

As you can see, Mom remembers the golden days of derby, when the fights were staged and very silly. She actually took a swing at me while Matt was taking the helmet modeling photos. Everyone wonders where I get my mean streak from, obviously this answers that question. Seriously, my mom has been a huge supporter of the Arch Rival Rollergirls since the league's inception.

She has put up recruiting flyers, come to our benefit shows, bought merchandise, talked to the press, helped me run derby errands, and listened to me vent my concerns about all kinds of stuff. Now she's modeling helmet panties for me! Mama Manglin' you are the best! Happy Early Mother's Day from your derby daughter.


Blogger Alanna said...

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2:23 PM  
Blogger Timotab said...

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10:06 PM  

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