Friday, April 28, 2006

Venting the Venom

The Arch Rival Rollergirls are having their first demonstration bout this Saturday in Columbia MO. I will not be attending. The annual Dart Tournament is taking place at Blueberry Hill, and for those of you who do not know, the Dart Tournament is HUGE. It is one of the biggest events we host at Blueberry Hill, and every single member of the staff is needed. There is no possible way I can get off. I am okay with this. My job is important to me, it is something I enjoy doing and I consider myself really lucky to have a workplace that is flexible with my scheduling needs. I also count myself lucky to be able to make a decent living at such a laid-back place. That said, I wish I could be at the demo bout.
I spent all of yesterday and most of this morning dealing with roller derby business. I've been tweaking the handbook, writing a new code of conduct, researching USARS insurance options and membership fees, forwarding emails and stressing over the fact that the ref whistles and helmet panties have not arrived. I need to vent here on the blog, so please bear with me.
I am not asking for sympathy or for some sort of gratitude, I just need to get this out of my head. I feel like I have delegated all the responsibilities that I can, I don't need any help. Carrie has stepped up to solve the helmet panty problem, Bill has assuaged my fears about legal ramifications, Ken thinks the girls who are bouting this weekend are ready to go. Barb has made sure that everyone bouting has all their paperwork signed and all their medical stuff taken care of. We have a pit crew, a merchandise crew, a cheerleading crew, refs and a scorekeeper. Jen O'Cide's husband is going to videotape the entire thing. If by some miracle I get out of work early (HA HA) I will high-tail it to Columbia, but the chances of that happening are slim to none.
I feel a little cheated. The league is my baby, and I feel like I'm missing her first steps. I'm worried that we are rushing into this and that someone will get hurt. I am frustrated by the rift this performance has caused between the girls who are skating and the girls who aren't. I'm a bit peeved that out first demo isn't in St. Louis. I wish we had had more time to plan.
Okay. There. All my fears have been released to the ether. I hereby let go of them. They no longer own me. I am finished worrying.
Much better.
Now, good luck and be careful all you beautiful rollergirls. Have fun, because that's what it is all about.


Anonymous casey said...

i promise that everything is going to be alright. seriously.

6:19 PM  
Blogger April said...

You should think of it like a Broadway show doing previews in a different town to get the kinks out. The girls on the teams were pretty much ready when I was there, and everyone else will catch up. I don't know what politics are going on, but if people are not skating they probably a) didn't start until after most of the girls on the 'fake' teams & b) if they really want it badly enough they will put in the elbow grease and be up to snuff next time
People DO get hurt, and WILL get hurt, and guess what it WON'T be your fault. Everyone knows what they are getting into.
Sorry to go on, I haven't dished derby in awhile. I have my first OHRG practice tom. and I'm wigging.

5:55 PM  

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