Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Anybody seen my camera?

I have knitting progress to show off, but I cannot find the camera. I guess flowery descriptions will have to do for now. Okay. I'm almost finished with Jackson's socks #3. They are dark purple cotton booties in a simple ribbed sock pattern with long leg parts, so they can be folded down. They are very thick and knitted on #3s so they are going very fast.
I started a pair of knucks from knitty and had to rip them totally out because I didn't estimate gauge correctly. Boys have really big hands. I'm bummed about having to start over, but it's best to get them the right size. I can't start the new pair til tomorrow, I have to go the yarn store for size 5 dpns. I will attempt to practice some form of restraint while there, but I'm not promising anything.


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