Thursday, September 07, 2006

I can't shake the butterflies

I got like this in July, just before our friends and family bout. I was walking on eggshells all week, jumpy, nervous, thinking I'd forgotten something or misplaced something. I know it's just nerves. I know the bout will be fine. We've worked really hard to pull this all together. Sid Stitches and Dee Rinkin are coming over tonight to work out the announcing and penalty mistress stuff. Dee is gonna cook for us, and I am gonna find her something appropriate to wear.
I'm worried I'll forget to put on pants on Sunday or something stupid like that.


Blogger April said...

You can't shake the butterflies? I've started having dreams wher I miss the first half of our championship bout only to find my team is down like 650 to 500 pts at half time. Cuz you know I'm so important (though now that my awake brain considers it, if everybody's putting up that many points, it's really anybody's game--optimist!)

7:38 AM  
Blogger Killer Tomato #187 said...

dude, calm down! we will be fine!!! there are more than enough people to make sure nothing is left undone. i have faith in us. (for the most part)


10:21 AM  

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