Friday, September 01, 2006

Preparation for abandonment

Matt's going to Ireland and Germany for three weeks and leaving me here all alone.
Well, not entirely alone. Everyone in the city will still be here with me, but I will still be lonely.
The fabulous Dee Rinkin' has offered to stuff me with her amazing southern cooking, and my mom said she'd go to some of my doctor's appointments with me. Toni and the kids will be back soon from Hawaii, and they always keep me company. Jill and the boys are returning from MD too. Wow, actually I'll have tons of people to hang out with.
So if you see me about and I look a bit droopy, smack me or something.


Anonymous Hedda Crusher said...

You know, you should come see Showgirls at the Tivoli at midnight Friday, You may not be able to drink through it, but it's still amusing all the same. I'm making sure some of the rollergirls come with. This should be AWESOME.

1:33 PM  

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