Friday, September 08, 2006

Surprise for Breakfast!

I went to First Watch this morning with Jill and the boys expecting to meet my mom and Julie. We had planned to get together for coffee at our usual spot, but decided to try something new. When we walked in the door, I was shocked to see Annie sitting at the table with Mom and Julie! Surprise! My sister, the sneak, flew in for the bout! I was so happy I cried. I'm blaming it on the hormones. Toni and Sara Jane came too so we turned it into a huge breakfast party.
I had the eggs florentine, of course.
I know this bout is going to be great, we have a surprise half-time show, the awesome jeerleaders will make their debut, and the rollergirls themselves will put on an awesome show! Okay, I can maybe get a twenty minute nap in before I have to go to work. I need it, I ran all over the county today taking care of last minute paperwork.


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