Friday, March 09, 2007

Saturday Only!

That's right ladies and gentlemen, ARRG will be holding our second annual Columbia Demonstration Derby Bout this Saturday, 3/10 at the lovely Empire Roller Rink. Tickets are $12 and the doors open at 9pm! I'll be announcing with the lovely and talented Grave Danger as the ARRG Pink Vixens take on the Black Angels for down and derby action!

In knitting news, I had tea at Shugga's with Ann this morning and she gave me yarn! I love Ann! She is also making Lizard Ridge, but wants to stick with earthy-non-yellow tones so I gve her one ball of Kureyon I had and she generously gave me two. And some Socks That Rock Highway 30! Thanks Ann!

On the baby front, I went to the OB today. Everything is fine and normal. Sprout is healthy and strong and coming soon. This baby is very active, recently started getting hiccups, and takes after Daddy in his or her preference for acting in a night-owl fashion. I am just about ready to pop. Many of you have offered suggestions on how to get labor jumpstarted. I am taking them all to heart. Here is a brief list:
eat something spicy
walk up and down the street with one foot in the gutter, one on the curb
jump on a trampoline
climb stairs
lift furniture
plan to do something you've really been looking forward to and will never have the oppurtunity to do again

It looks like I'll be busy for the next couple of weeks.

P.S. Hey April, we will announce our second season dates next week. We are finalizing our contract with the venue on Sunday. You don't need to use Derby as an excuse to visit, just tell Ryan you are racking up frequent flyer miles.

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