Wednesday, May 16, 2007

updates from the zoo

I went to the OB today. All is well. I am healed and recovered from childbirth, hooray! I am also cleared to start practicing with ARRG again. That's right people, Mary Manglin' is back on wheels! Or rather, she will be next Monday night, if Mama Manglin' is intersted in watching the Sprout for a few hours.
I am also back at work at Duff's. Unfortunately, my new work schedule conflicts with Wednesday night knitting group at Knitorious. Sniff. I will no longer be able to attend, which is something I was looking forward to doing on a regular basis. Perhaps I can stalk the knitting group, as I am fairly certain they go to IHOP or some other breakfast related place after the shop closes.
I am starting a pair of toe-up socks and a small hat and sweater set for Sprout this weekend. Everything is ready to go, I have yarn, needles and patterns, I just need time to use them. I would like to say that I am being realistic and making the 12 to 18 month size sweater and hat for my six week old son. I'm no fool. I can see how little knitting time I have right now.
I also have very little sleeping time, so I'm going to catch a few minutes while the baby is down.


Blogger Lucinda said...

You are doing much better than I did. I simply gave up knitting for 9 years after my younger son was born, & hadn't exactly gotten much done between son 1 & son 2 either.

Congrats on being cleared for taking off on wheels again!

11:32 AM  

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