Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Up at odd hours

Having a newborn totally throws off one's sleep schedule. When I was pregnant, everyone said "sleep when the baby sleeps." This is the best advice I received. I try to catch the winks whenever the Sprout is out cold. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.
Its 4am and I'm up because he's up, and we are both pretty happy right now. We had a good day.
My dad came and took us down to his office this morning so he could meet the ladies. Joss, like his father, is quite the ladies' man. He slept through the visit, but he did get to meet Margaret, Christine, Mary and Kathy (all of whom were quite charmed.) He was so worn out from all that sleeping that he took a nap with his daddy when we got back to the house. I chose not to crash with them, I instead used the time to throw in some laundry, load photos onto the computer, and straighten up the living room a bit. When Matt went to work I fed the Sprout and put him down again. (It really is amazing what I consider getting things done these days.)
I had some computer work to do, a bit of research for beer school. When that was finished it was time to go to the staff meeting at BbH. I dropped the Sprout off with Mom and headed out baby-free for the first time. The meeting was uneventful, I picked up a few shifts next month. Sprout was very good for Mom and Dad. I got a couple hours of sleep after we got home. I'm doing surprisingly well with the whole "taking two hour naps throughout the day and night" thing. When Matt called at 2:30 needing to be picked up from work, I was awake enough to go get him.
On the way to pick him up, I was listening to KDHX, as I am wont to do in the wee hours of Wednesday mornings. My girl Ashley has her show from 2-4am. This week is pledge drive, so on the way home Matt and I decided that we needed to stop by the station and help our girl out. We signed the Sprout up for his first KDHX membership and Trashley played him a Cramps song and said all of our names on the radio. As of today, my little philanthropist has donated his cord blood for stem cell therapy and contributed to keeping community radio alive in St. Louis.
Tomorrow he' going to solve the whole global warming fiasco.


Blogger Annie said...

um. That's one amazing three-week-old. **grin**

Cant wait to meet him.

6:25 PM  

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