Friday, February 01, 2008

Snow day!!!

St. Louis got a big blast of winter white last night!
I think the official call is eight inches.
That's eight inches of the fluffy white, snowball-ready, easy packing snow. The kind of snow you always hoped for when you were a kid. Beautiful, soft, wet snow. Sled-able snow. Widespread school closures snow. Total, all encompassing, snow day snow. We've got it today, and I even got up early to look at it and take pictures.
Joss had blast watching Matt shovel it off the front steps this mornig from the warm confines of our living room window. He loves to watch Daddy do any little thing. I wonder what he thinks happened. He seemed really excited this morning, but he might have just been picking up on my mood.

I'm looking forward to when he is older and we can go out and play in the snow together, like my dad and I did when I was little. I still remember building a snowman in the back yard with my dad one evening when he came home from work.
My boys were both so cute this morning, all bundled up against the cold. I dropped Sprout off at the in-laws' house and went in to work. I didn't stay long, we weren't very busy. Just stuck around long enough to take a couple pictures, of which this is my favorite. I know it's a bit crooked, but I love the way the snow looks on the banisters. I might go back and straighten it out in photoshop.
I'm starting my "28 days of Vegan" today. We are going out to dinner for Matt's grandpa's birthday tonight. I hope Frasier's is accommodating, but I think I may be having salad tonight.
On an unrelated note, Matt wants me to make him these for our anniversary this month. I'm fairly certain I can swing that, although I think they're more up Toni's alley than mine.
No knitting news, I have no time for such things. My house is a disaster area. I have to clean it. Now.


Blogger Stacey said...

awww how cute! Dads are SO great for snow days! I love watching Craig outside playing with Sam and Pickles... well playing may not be the right word for it... legally abusing them might be a little better.. pelting them with snowballs! The boys absolutely LOVE it though! Actually this last snow Sam complained that Dad didn't throw very many snowballs at all.

12:00 AM  
Blogger Jamie said...

Ahh snow. I know I'm getting older when the first thing I think about is how I have to get up early and shovel, and how driving sucks...
Hey, do you belong to a knitting circle or group or something? Laura is getting frustrated at difficult patterns, and I bet having other people to talk to would be good for her (and me...hehe)

11:50 PM  

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