Saturday, February 26, 2005

Another mellow day.

pacific ocean!
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We all slept in this morning. Kate and Chris have to go to work again starting tomorrow, so we wanted to relax today. It was gloomy all afternoon, but we got antsy so we decided to go to the beach.
I'd never seen the Pacific before. My overall impression is that it's much faster than the Atlantic. One minute you're standing there, about fifteen feet from the water, you bend down to pick up a sandollar and the next thing you know, WOOSH! your shoes and socks are totally soaked, your homegirl is laughing at you and the water has receded back another fifteen feet to mock you from a safe distance. It was great. We are going to go back on the next sunny day, because apparently it's best to be at the beach when the sun is out. Novel idea, that.
After the beach we went to Isotope, a comic book store that my trusty pal April of Star Clipper fame recomended. It was awesome. Many cool mini-comics were purchased. All was well.
We came back to the house and decided to go out for dinner to Dusit Thai.


Blogger aaronmaye said...

SARAH KATE... I love the ocean. You have awakened the yearning to see it again. Have you seen the Atlantic? I tend to agree with you about the activity of the Pacific. P.S.-check your e-mail.WINK WINK

11:01 AM  

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