Monday, May 23, 2005

work work work

I did a double shift on Friday, got drunk (bad skate! no more shots! EVER.), did a split double Saturday and worked an amazingly busy Sunday Brunch. I worked my lunch shift today and then I traded Kimmie my Monday night for her Tuesday night. She has tickets to the baseball game tomorrow and really wants to go. I spent the evening with Sara and Jill. It's Sara's birthday, we had fajitas and cake.
I missed the Anima(l) X-p.o.e. on Saturday due to work. It was an art show my friend and former roommate (of the Cleveland House days) Kelsey LaPointe produced and directed. It featured puppetry, music and performance art. Kate performed her roadkill puppet theatre and I really wish I could have seen it.
I haven't taken many pictures lately. I have been writing a bit though. I'm working on a couple projects, mainly doing research right now for a book I want to write with Jill, about the histories of our families, and how they culminated in our friendship. I've been doing some internet research on geneology and tomorrow I'm going to the main branch of the city library to look up a few records I have some leads on.
Hazel is longing for a walk, but she's just gonna have to wait until tomorrow morning. I'm too pooped.


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