Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Weekend Redux

Winnie and Kate mix it up
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Saturday day was dead at work, no tables for four hours. Sunday Brunch was smooth sailing, I didn't have to fire anyone and Beth was so amazingly helpful. Sunday night Kate had a barbeque (pictured) at her folk's house. Many were in attendance. Much food was eaten, many beers were had and I was the only one left sober by the end of the night. I've been having some digestive problems and haven't been putting much in my mouth. Monday was another double, I made very little money, but I got to go home early. Matt finished the Fourth of July window and it is quite funny. I call it "the hazards of illegal fireworks," he calls it something else. Tuesday I slept off my intestinal problems and did a bit of reading. I went to see Howl's Moving Castle with Gabe. I did enjoy it, but it was no Spirited Away. Myazaki is still my favorite Anime director, but I guess Spirited Away is too tough to top. Gabe and I both thought the ending was a little too contrived. I know it's a kid's movie, but I felt an air of Disney in the translation. Billy Crystal was perfect as the fire spirit though. After the movie I droped Gabe at home and went to what I believe was the shortest BBH waitstaff meeting I've ever attended. I need to get together with my crew for the Floyd Awards soon, which means I should get cracking on those costumes.
Next post: reviews of all (okay most) things I have read this summer so far.


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