Tuesday, June 21, 2005

busy girls don't blog

mom, pre-performance
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I have been too busy to keep up with my blogging.
Mom and I went to St. Louis Shakespere's final performance of The Tempest in Forest Park on Sunday. We had a picnic and drank some wine and enjoyed the play. The weather was perfect, the crowd was huge and we even managed to get a decent parking space.
Saturday night Matt and I went to see Magic Smoking Monkey Theatre's "Glen or Glenda Live!" at the new Regional Arts Commission building with Diana, James and Ashley. Magic Smoking Monkey adapts cult films and TV shows for the stage. The result is ridiculous, in a good way. Drew Bell and Amy Elz were in the production. I think I prefered Plan 9 from Outer Space to this choice of Ed Wood films, but it was still very funny. I had a very Theatre weekend.


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