Tuesday, June 14, 2005

strawberry blood

strawberry blood
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Toni and I went to Scharf Farms in Milstadt Illinois today and crawled around on the ground picking strawberries for two hours. I was very impressed with Toni. She hates the great outdoors, but for love of strawberries she will bear any manner of heat and bug and weed that mother nature can fling in her general direction. I got ten pounds of berries. These are the last of the season and are kinda runty. This was not a good year for strawberries. Apparently the late frost we had (what late frost? It's been hot since April!) stunted the crop. They are small, but very sweet.
Gabe is back from Chicago. He gallantly offered to help me core the haul tonight instead of going to the Tap Room to see "Mini Kiss" with The Vultures. Mini Kiss is a Kiss cover band made up entirely of midgets. Really. I think he chose wisely, even if he is covered in strawberry blood.


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