Thursday, June 23, 2005

I think Thursday is my favorite day of the week

I get so much done on Thursdays. Amy dropped the girls off today. Naomi had a bit of a stomach bug, so she went down fairly early. Matt kept an eye on the girls while I did the grocery shopping for the week. While Naomi was napping I taught Anna how to knit. She is so incredibly smart she picked it up right away. I got a lot of cooking done too. I like to make a bunch of food on Thursdays for the weekend because I rarely have time to cook in between shifts. I made a huge pasta and bean salad.
I also weeded the garden, did laundry, helped Glenna edit her final paper for her Mexican History class, and completely reorganized my filing system. Everything is in cronological order, neatly filed and put away. I am so relieved.
Shawna spent most of the day here, reading my books, eating my food and chilling in my air conditioning. We hadn't spent any time together in so long, it was nice to have a day together. She also shed some light on the footnotoing questions Glenna had about her paper. I am a firm believer in the MLA format, but apparently Glenna's proffessor wanted her to use some other format that I know nothing about, so Shawna saved the day.
Last night I went to Circus Flora's Tzigan show with Kate, Sarah and Winnie. The Flying Wallendas were amazing, the horses were very pretty, Nino the Clown was hilarious, but in my opinion the show went to the dogs. Litterally. The Olate Family are from Chile originally, and have been in the canine capering business for three generations. These people are GENIUSES. They have about ten or twelve little poufy dogs who run around and do the most amazing tricks I have ever seen. They walk on two legs, do backflips, go up ladders, down slides and do the cha cha. I laughed my pants off. The best part of all is that each and every one of the dogs in the show was rescued from an animal shelter. That only made me love them more. Mutts rule.


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