Tuesday, June 07, 2005

another wonderful monday

I fell on my butt today at work while I was setting up. I slipped in a nasty puddle of something greasy, which was probably grease. I skinned my knee. I felt like a dolt. I took the cut and went home to change. My favorite skirt has what looks like a tire track right across the back. I really hope it comes out in the wash.
I got home right as the sky exploded with a huge-but-short thunderstorm. I haven't gotten around to staking the last four tomato plants yet, and two of them are all bent over and looking rather sad.
I went back to Blueberry Hill for my second shift, which ended up being a total waste of time. We were so slow that I finished my sidework at 8pm. I made about thirty bucks.
The only decent thing about tonight was Jill stopping by for a drink after she finished her shift at the boat house. We got to talk for a bit, and made plans to hang out tomorrow. Then she told me that Daniel is coming tomorrow to take Miles back to Maryland for two weeks. I have to see my eldest godson before he leaves. Jill is totally worried about Miles leaving. I would be too, if I was sending my son off with a father who has never changed his diapers in the two-and-a=half years he's been alive. I told her if that baby comes back with diaper rash or even one hair out of place she should, well, I won't get into that here.
Last but not least, no new Megatokyo comic today. I'm going to bed. Tomorrow had better be stellar.


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