Friday, June 10, 2005

why is it that...

...every assist shift I have on Friday nights kicks my behind? I am so pooped. All the bending and lifting and clearing, eesh. It's the only non-wait shift I have, and I understand that everybody has to have one assist shift per week, but I get so tired by the end that I'm useless afterwards.
Okay, enough complaining.
The tomato plants have grown since this morning, I swear. I talked to Toni today, and she said her cherry tomatoes are already ripening. She made fun of me for pinching off the blooms on my plants all last month, but my plants are now four feet tall and just starting to fruit. I would rather have healthier, more sturdy plants than an early crop, so I did what the library books told me to do. So there.
I think I'll spend tomorrow night at home learning how to use my new printer. I've been putting it off for weeks now and I really want to master the scan option. I have a bunch of old photos of my family that I'd like to put on the flickr page, and Shawna said she'd help me set up a test run of a Turpel website. I should check and see if there already is one.


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