Friday, July 08, 2005


I got up nice and early today to finish the housework before my friendly neighborhood mortgage broker arrived. Matt and I spent most of the morning vacuuming and mopping. I don't know why we always save the floors for last. It may be because it is the one thing we both hate doing. Amy called to cancel, she had two closings and just couldn't get out of the office. We rescheduled for next Wednesday. I guess I'll have to wait a little longer for my cash infusion. I'm gonna buy so much drywall when this refinance comes through!
Matt and I put in a couple of hours stripping woodwork and hauling out plaster on the second floor. I love working upstairs with him. I wish we had more time together to spend on the house. We both seem to get a good pace going when we are stripping wood together. We got quite a bit of the evil burgundy paint (the bane of my existance) off in the front room. Why oh why would anyone paint beautiful scallop-carved woodwork BURGUNDY? I will never understand this. Photos soon, I promise.
I got the oil changed in my car and then went to work. I hosted tonight. Paul did not host with me. The shift went smoothly, no one complained to me, so I guess it was okay. We were never on a light and the wait for a table never exceeded twenty minutes. I missed Diana tonight, she had family things to deal with and won't be back for a while.
Jill came up to BBH for a couple of drinks after I got off work. We sat outside and talked for a bit. I wanted to talk about the book, but Amy and Paul joined us and the conversation took another direction. Oh well.
I have to work a double tomorrow. I work Brunch on Sunday. I guess it's back to waitress world for me now that Karen is home from vacation. I hope she lets me Maitre'd for her again next time she leaves town. I had a blast. My naturally bossy nature fits right in with the job.
I'm going floating on the Black River on Monday, so that means I'll miss a lot of important television, webcomics and radio shows, but being out in the sunshine on the most beautiful river in southern Missouri is one hell of a consolation prize. Matt might even get to come too! Whoopee! Vacation opportunity with the husband! How unheard-of.


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