Tuesday, August 23, 2005

is it tuesday again?

Today: I had lunch at Caribean Sun with Matt and Toni. We ran into Sarah and Amanda Jones, Katie Clancy, Brenda, Tasha and co, and Christine having lunch at the next table. Amanda's babies are beautiful. Then I went with Toni to get a haircut. We had coffee picked her kids up from school. Mom came over to drop off some things and to pick up some peaches. While she was here Amy-the-Mortgage-Lady came over with our refinance check. We are suddenly rich, relatively speaking.
Monday: I worked a double shift at BBH. I had a great lunch, even though Justin wouldn't share the fifty-top reservation. I think I out-rang him by two hundred at least, so that's what he gets for being greedy. The dinner shift was lousy, I was outside and had no tables for the first two hours. Jill showed up randomly, but I lost the coin toss and didn't get the cut. She sat outside and had a few beers with Matt until I got off work, then we went to McGurks for more beer and a singalong. I went home before she did and I am sure she's feeling it today.
Sunday: I worked brunch at Duff's, it was long and sticky, but I made good money. I got really frustrated with people who don't wipe off tables while bussing them, syrup is sticky and one swipe wiht a damp towel does not cut it. I watched the last episode of Six Feet Under, and it was very good, but the closing montage irked me a bit. I then passed out and got a solid ten hours of sleep.
Saturday: I picked up Nunu (Kate's dog) early so Stan and Rosemary (Kate's folks) could go on vacation. Hazel was thrilled. I went to work and did a long double. Matt worked the door for the Gavin Rossdale (his name my be misspelled, I don't know who he is. Matt kept refering to him as "Mr. Gwen Stephani", so I assume he's her husband) show, which was full of evil hooiser women who kept getting into fights and passing out and having the cops called. All night Mel and Becca were storming up and down the stairs growling to themselves. It was a very bad scene. I cut out as soon as I was finished working, came home and went straight to bed.
Friday: I worked with Mom and Katie on the woodwork for most of the morning and afternoon, got a lot stripped. I hosted at night until 8:15 when the hood above the grill blew. Billows of smoke filled the restaurant, the ac went out, ice machines and elevator all had some sort of problems due to the breakers being tripped. We had to cancel many orders and send people away due to lack of grill (cuz who comes to BBH for salad and cold sandwiches?) The shift did not colapse, Diana was in top form diplomatically. I think only one table threw a proper fit, and I mean, c'mon... what were we going to do? Really.
That covers the past few days. Tomotrrow is another day, hopefully it will be relaxing.


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