Tuesday, September 20, 2005

tuesdays are for errands!

I actually slept in today and then got up to do the necessaries. Bank, store, dry cleaners, recycling, and the new one: drive husband-friend to work. That's right folks, Matt's Mazda has kicked the proverbial bucket. It needs an entirely new engine. He has finally admitted that he has to stop trying to save this car and scrap it. Unfortunatley, he wants to tow it into the backyard to dismantle it. Lucky for us we got rid of his other derelect vehicle last month and now we have room for the Mazda.
Okay, all snotty, car-related nastiness aside, my husband is sweet and amazing and really truly loves this car. I was a gift from a friend who moved overseas. He got a lot of miles out of the thing, and it ran very well for an '87 Mazda P.O.S. I was stupid about my Escort wagon when it died, I should lay off Matt.
We are a one car household now, and yes Dad, we made all the proper adjustments with our insurance agent. Matt has been biking quite a bit. I bought new whitewall tires for my Schwinn Cruiser and have been pedaling around the neighborhood myself. We've talked about saving up for a down-payment on a Prius, I like Toni's a lot. We both feel that our next car should be much more fuel efficent, although my Saturn still gets good gas mileage. I just want a hybrid, they're so cute. They are a wee bit out of my price range though.
Sorry for sounding like a yuppie for a while there.
Speaking of sounding like a yuppie, tomorrow I am going to teach a Brownie troop how to knit. I was actually recruited to do this by the troop leader, and she has met me before and seems to think I will be an appropriate knitting role model for a bunch of seven and eight-year-old girls. I have no idea what one wears to teach Brownies to knit, but I'm not even gonna try to cover up the tattoos.
I should mention my charming houseboy, Kate, who lives in the basement. She has gotten a job and has been slacking on her dish duties. She catching up as I type this.


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