Sunday, October 23, 2005

Sunday Off!

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It was too cold for brunch outside today so I gave Steve my station and dragged Kiki out of bed. We traipsed down to Cherokee to test drive the new Shangri-La diner. Hell of good brunch, all buffet style. Everything was vegetarian and yummy. They had two kinds of eggs, blue cheese hashbrowns, tofu scramble with tomatoes and black beans, palak tofu (like palak paneer, but with tofu!), strawberry-orange juice, fruit, shitake mushroom bacon, oatmeal, and CREME BRULEE FRENCH TOAST. I have never had anything so amazing. The texture was like creme brulee, but with an undertone of brioche bread, and there were heaps of carmelized brown sugar on top. I ate too much food. I might explode. The one bad thing about Shangri-La is the interior decor. It is decorated exactly how I would decorate a restaurant. It's like they crawled into my brain and stole the file on cool brunch spot decor. Curses, foiled again.


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