Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Not much to report, not much excitement anyway. I ran some errands today, and had another session of teaching brownies to knit. This time was a bit of a disaster. The girls were all riled up when I got there, and attention spans were at an all-time short. I did manage to get a few of them to knit a few stitches before the hour was up and everything descended into chaos. I split after the meeting and came home with the worst headache ever. I was supposed to go practice rollerskating with Kate tonight, but my head was throbbing. I ate some excedrine and tried to take a short nap, but after an hour I still felt like I had been kicked in the head.
I finally recovered, and Jill came over to fill me in about the trip to MD while Kate and I worked on the flyer for Roller Derby recruitment. We are going to copy them tomorrow morning at Kinko's, after coffee with Mom, and then the recruitment will begin! I already have about twenty-some girls who are interested, most from Bbh.
Kate talked to Jerome about posting on the Stlpunk page, and I think that will get people's attention too.
I'm really glad this is moving forward. I'm also planning to go to Chicago for the Windy City Rollers Finals on November 13th. I want to take some folks with me so they can see an actual bout and get as pumped as I am about this. I need to work on the league roster now. Night.


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