Saturday, March 25, 2006

Anime, Barbecue, Brunch, Taxes, Knitting: How I spent my weekend.

Last night I stayed up til 2:30 watching "Saikano" with Sara Jane and Jill. I have been obsessed with this Manga for about six months now, so when Tracy from Duff's offered to let me borrow the DVDs of the Anime series I was so excited.
The story follows a young couple, Shuji and Chise, as they fall in love and do normal High School things. Then Chise is taken by the government and turned into the Ultimate Weapon of Mass Destruction. (for those of you who are not enormous fans of Japanese animation and comics, this happens all the time in Japan. Really.) It's a very sweet telling of a popular story line, and I've been particularly enamored with Shin Takahashi's manga treatment. Sara Jane and I had been planning to watch it all week. We both cleared our schedules for all of Friday day. Jill had the afternoon off so she decided to join us when the boys went down for a nap. Unfortunately, our afternoon of Anime fun was thwarted by the appearance of Mr. Ex. He who shall not be named showed up, and since I didn't want to upset Miles and Jasper, I left. I cannot bring myself to be civil to that man.
I went to work, and spent my shift in the kitchen talking about Battlestar Galactia and Dr. Who with John Roman and Phil. I returned to Sara Jane after work and we watched the Saikano series straight through. I really liked it, but the characters were much more weepy and whiny than they were in the Manga. The animation was cool, but the transformation scenes were too short. It was a sweet series, but I think I preferred the books.
I took today off and Matt and I went to The Royale for the Hair of the Dog Brunch. They have a "build your own Bloody Mary bar!" Did I mention how much I love The Royale? I really think I could spend all my spare time there. Sarah brought me an entire Bodum of coffee this morning when I asked for a refill. Michelle, who has been one of my favorite customers for years, is now one of my new favorite bartenders. So yeah, props to The Royale.
Matt and I did the taxes. I don't want to talk about it. Suffice to say that things are not how we thought they'd turn out and people like us are really getting screwed. Grr.
The ARRG BBQ at Cid's place was tonight. I contemplated not going, after the taxes and all, but I'm glad I decided to go. I had a couple beers, spent some quality time with my girls, watched everyone do jello shots, and got to know a few of the girls better than before. Cid's house is really nice, her daughter is so sweet and well adjusted for a thirteen-year-old, and her man is a Grill Master. I think everyone had a good time.

The last thing I have to report is knitting progress. As you can see, one down, one to go. On this pair at least. These are actually for me. I know I should be knitting for all the upcoming babies and finishing my Booty Swap loot, but I deserve fancy socks. I really do.


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Those socks are lovely!

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