Sunday, April 09, 2006

Cut Off

There is a reason I only allow myself two beers in a night.
I woke up at 7:45 this morning after about five hours of sleep. I am fairly certaiun I was still drunk when I went in to work this morning. I managed to pull it together and work my shift with no problems. We were quite busy due to the Spirit of St. Louis Marathon this morning. We had several large parties of runners coming in to eat when they were finished. I got all teary-eyed and nostalgic thinking about Julie running the marathon last year. I was proud of each and every one of the runners who ate at Duff's after the race, and I told them so through my hangover, all the while feeling like a big drunken loser.
Anyway, the Derby skills test is tonight. I'm not going to skate, but I will be there to cheer everyone on and hand out the ice packs. I'm going to take a nap now. After practice I'll post new derby and knitting pictures.
Please notice that I figured out how to put a link in the middle of my post. This simple bit of html took me thirty-seven minutes to figure out. I am a bad computer geek. I need to improve my skills.


Anonymous Casey Dee Rinkin' said...

you just wait til the next time we are both out drinking. JUST WAIT.

7:01 PM  

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