Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Bollywood and Easter eggs

I just got back from the fabulous Fox Theatre. Mom took me to see Bombay Dreams for my birthday. Shakalaka Baby. The play was very much a spoof of, while remaining true to, the formula of Bollywood movies. If you are unfamiliar with Bollywood, click here to see the wikipedia definition for one of my favorite movie genres. The best part of the entire production were the percussionists, Deep Singh and Dave Sharma. Most of the music was provided by a DJ, but the percussion for all of the dance numbers (and the whole thing is a vehicle for dance numbers) was performed by these two talented musicians. They each had about twenty different drums of all different shapes and sizes that they used throughout the show. Mom even noticed them playing a boharan at one point. I really enjoyed the costumes, lots of sparkly pink, gold and red always makes me happy. The plot left a lot to be desired, but who goes to musical theatre for a good storyline anyway? I go for the costumes and the fireworks and the dancing and the fountain (there was a fountain!) and yeah, some people go for the music. I had fun, so did mom. So now I'm home, dyeing Easter eggs for the up coming, aforementioned baskets. I might make Matt bring me home another dozen eggs to dye tonight, just because I love the way they look. I think we should have colored eggs year round. I bet they have pink eggs all the time in Japan. And in Bollywood.


Anonymous caseyyyyyyyyyyyyyy said...

when's the birthday? i have never seen a bollywood movie. i bet the thing at the fox was fun though. easter eggs YAY! is matt going to dress up like the easter bunny for practice on sunday? cuz that would like, rule.

8:12 AM  
Anonymous shanghai lily said...

colored eggs


2:17 PM  

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