Sunday, May 21, 2006


I said I wouldn't start the Broadripple socks until Rachel's ankle socks were finished, and I have stuck to that. I was going to try to keep it at one pair at a time. Ha. Last night I started Annie's Ti"grrr"sox (that's cutesy-schmootsie for tiger socks) while we were watching movies together. She really wanted to see how the yarn looked knit up, and I didn't want to say no to her, since she is my baby sister and I only see her once or twice a year. So as you can see in the picture, Annie's Ti"grr"sox are still on the leg part and Rachel's ankle socks are ready to get their toes decreased. I plan to finish them tonight and give them to her tomorrow at work. I promise pictures. I hope she likes 'em!


Blogger Ann said...

Should I say it? Oh, WTH. So many socks, so little time. And dangit, you're gonna make me start my tiger socks. I'm such a lemming.

6:48 PM  
Blogger Rachel said...

Looks great! Maybe I should have done my socks all tiger instead of tiger/black/tiger/black. But if I had, you wouldn't have tiger yarn now. :)

9:57 PM  

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